Logan loves trains | personality session

I was inspired by a recent photography workshop to do a children’s “all about me” shoot. My son was about to turn three, LOVES trains, had a summer full of different types of train riding (the Orlando SunRail and Historic Tennessee Railroad in Chattanooga) and I’d wanted to test shoot our train track location for some time. Logan is normally my less cooperative model. He either gives cheesy smiles or wants nothing to do with photo taking. I had no idea how much tailoring the session to his specific likes would improve his attitude. He was so into the whole process! The other thing I love about this session are our props. They weren’t just random items to make a nice photo… the hat & train whistle were gifts from his grandparents after riding the historic railroad, the Lego trains were my husband’s as a child, the vintage train book was a gift from Logan’s baby shower and is one of his favorites, the “worker man” gloves are a constant staple in his dress up bin, the antique railroad lantern was my grandmother’s who also loved trains. The only newly bought item was his shirt.

That being said, there is one thing that isn’t “Logan”… the shoes. He normally wears brightly colored or neon sneakers. I knew though, that those would distract away some of the focus. The brown shoes were free, from a clothing swap I attended, he never wears them, but I’m so glad we went with neutral footwear.

I’m really happy with the finished product. These photos definitely show my little guy’s personality. My daughter is now begging for her own special shoot, so be on the lookout for that! Saying that her’s will be a bit more complicated is an understatement. She dreams big like her mama